Valentine's Day!

Hey Everyone,
I know it's that day, where the only thing you see are hearts, hearts, and more hearts.
Sometimes I do not even understand why there is Valentine's Day, I mean you are spending money on a person for one special day and then you forget about the rest of the year? Dear lord, that makes no sense. But on the other hand, Valentine's Day is great for eating awesome cakes that you can indulge in.
Back to the point, I hear this one strange yet funny phrase "forever alone" every single year. (No pun intended). But, I should say that everything happens when it is right, and there is no rush. Just keep a genuine heart and be happy that you are still living rather than being in a bad relationship. Right now for me, my education matters more than anything. But there is one person who is worth admiring, the one I know that has a pure heart and respects everyone. Everyday I hear that this person is nice to everyone, and by no doubt he is. One day I would like to be with that person, but somethings are more important than others at a time. And plus, who knows if that person will accept me? Haha, corny story as ever, yet intense like a roller coaster ride. Dear readers, my story is very different and I am not sure how things will end up. Yet, Valentine's Day has great flowers, candies, and do not even forget the chocolates :)

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