Dalai Lama Post #4

When something shatters in the house, let it go.
When someone passes away, try to understand that everybody has to leave this earth one day.
Your fate has to tell you that everything will go away from you. So what should you do?
Cherish the moments you have now, and simply live in harmony!


Buddhists schools create sand mandalas made out of colored sand.
And you know what happens to the mandalas when they are finished?
They do not sit idle, instead buddhists monks take the mandala and immerse in the nearby river or ocean.
Reason: because they emphasize that everything is TEMPORARY.

When we die and leave the Earth, what will we take with us?
Nothing but our soul.
That is why wealth is one of the most mediocre things in the world, but you won't take it with you.
All that is left will be here on this Earth.

We all will leave one day and that's the gist of it, so remember to remove the fear of death and let it go.

If you are in a broken relationship, that shouldn't be the cause of risking your life.
Learn that what happens, happens for good.

This may be easy to say but not easy to do, yet if you hold one gram of effort, you will prove that temporary is the ultimate practical.

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