BREAKING NEWS: Diets Fail Miserably....

At one point in my life, I never knew that people could be so ignorant and peckish.
For the love of god, eat the good stuff and eat it out of curiosity!

Yet I must reveal the shocking news that I do not know how many people have heard about:

And on top of that, if anybody starts dieting, they first thing that comes to mind is processed food. They'll think that Dannon's Greek "Oikos" Yogurt is great for them. BLAH! Its disgusting, not in the matter of taste, but do you know what's in that thing? CARMINE! Carmine is a red color produced by boiling and crushing cochineal or RED BEETLES. And worst of all, is that even when there are nutrition labels, nobody reads them! Oikos also has carrageenan, a harmful substance that causes inflammation in the body leading to diabetes and other horrible diseases. Yet, Dannon still adds these things? SHAME.

And not only in Dannon, but also in Yoplait, Activia Light (from Dannon), Light & Fit (from Dannon), and all other yogurt brands.

So you think your eating right? THINK AGAIN, your just eating processed.

Now some people raise the question, well what do we eat then? 
It is very easy to make yogurt at home and its still tastes great, people just to make a little effort. And honestly, that effort lacks in a tremendous amount of people.

Second statement that needs to be spread: 
Eating salads does not make you loose weight. There is practically nothing wholly nutritional in salads, since it is not a proper meal. I mean where are your lentils, carbohydrates, dairy, so on and so forth?

Third Statement: To be fit you also need to consume mandatory spices as well. American food has not one bit of spice in it, it is super bland. Where are cumin, turmeric, and other great spices that protect you from obesity?!?!?! Did you know that spices prevent Alzheimer's? No wonder Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka have the lowest rate of Alzheimer's and memory loss!

Overall, diets that consist of unnatural things are bad. Diets that make you starve are bad. And mostly diets that do not provide you a stable life style of exploring food and exercise, is naturally bad. 

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