A Stereotypical Aptitude


The common stereotypes of different people affect our lives in many ways, most of which are negative. Students as Ithaca College launched a campaign representing how stereotypes about Africans are wrong, and that if you say Africans are homogenous, you are inhumane.
The students were proud of their message and displayed all 50 flags of Africa side by side.

What was surprising was how many people miss-concept Africa for a country rather than a continent as quoted by the PR of the organization: "'We also wanted to break one of the biggest misconceptions about the continent, which is that Africa is a country,'" she adds" (Paragraph 4).

This example shows that such a misleading concept can affect the outlook on societies that in contrast are different.

Other protests from the campaign were like: 
"We do not speak 'African', there are 2,000 languages in Africa": I for one can understand this statement, because it is dumb how people would overlook the diversity of languages and then simply say "African." Makes sense to judge that way....ahhhh sarcasm.

Well, they want to spread the knowledge and I support the removal of such stereotypes. Keep up the great work!

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