Philoso #17: How I Have Been Disappointed

Has there every come a time where neither you stand nor your personality.
It seems as if one day you're a thing and the next day your plain shit.
Life it seems is just a broken whirlpool of turmoil turned into something worse than hell.

You become a volcano with blood drifting foot by foot to engulf the snake of blocks,
 but fail to do so in memory of your duties.
A dilemma I cannot recognize in order to one hand a relation, on the other a master of a slave.
I hurt the silent depth inside my soul with rage, but fly to the almighty to heal the tears of florescence.
When will we relate with a flower instead of an amorphous stab.
A second's will is a second's patience and I am tied to my roots of a warrior.
Encrypted is a message I am never sure when the world will know.
For as I, the pain, am traveling like an iris in search for liberation; liberation from the person who has chosen one grain for an outgrown seed.

  I am the life from a womb and a part of the almighty, yet people tend to throw my obedience and hard work everyday in some form or the other.
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