Philoso #16: Educating Women

Getting a new book or pencil is just the beginning of a new personality. 

What was once stupid, unintentional, or unnecessary is now....what is intelligent, righteous, and a basic need of life.

And what I am referencing to? The most crucial idea alive today: Educating Women
Everybody thinks, and no doubt this has come to everyone's minds that: what is the point of educating women when men can do everything and men are smarter?

Uh..hello? "That's sexist". Because you should never every underestimate a women's intelligence.

I swear, if one women is educated and has a wonderful personality, she can definitely rule a nation.
Since the time of dawn, women are efficient and grasp knowledge as if they already know it!

*Now do not get me wrong, but this statement is not oppressing leading male roles in the world.
Educating women is more than just important, it is necessary for the world to be a proper place.

If women were not to be educated than that will lead to more corruption, as educating a women is the same as earning a million dollars every month. You know why? Because women have such analytical skills that can unlock a difficult code within seconds. Such geniuses will always remain prominent geniuses. 

And no matter how hard it is to accept the truth, just know that if you do not educate a women, you are in the midst life and death. The efficiency of women is spectacular and rare to find, therefore all you need is to give a proper education. Then the spark that everyone wants to see in this world, will finally will be there! 
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