Philoso #15: Inspiration

I had to make my fifteenth Philoso special, so I thought I would write about inspiration. Inspiration is the only thing that opened my eyes, that's how I created this awesome blog. 
You may not believe me, but inspiration is god. No joke, because it is the only thing that can free you from a materialistic world of hate and injustice. All you need is someone special in your life to show you the real path of life that makes you wonder "is this a dream?". Nevertheless I find that not many people get this wonderful gift, as inspiration is only meant for people with virtuous hearts. Moral, literature, giving, wonder, beauty, philosophy, and basically determination makes your life meant to be inspired. Inspiration is what sparks a taste of generosity regardless of how your surroundings are. That's true, because my surroundings are very uncertain, stupid, and nonetheless bi-partial. Yet, somewhere inside there is love, hope, faith, and all that you could want to live a pleasant life. And you say how come? Because inspiration can help me see that. Inspiration is something that enables me to write on life, how every minute matters, and how every minute yet important thing is worthy of opinion. Inspiration is an energy that enlightens you in ways you could never imagine, since it has been creating life for eons that have gone and eons mean to come. I may be philosophic or scientific, but inspiration helps me see both opposites combine into one. That's why I am also here, to just inspire all who read my blog and appreciate the beautiful essence of a positive nature with deep sincerity.       
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