Philoso #14: The Human Trinity

I named this post the human trinity for some reasons:
a) It sounds catchy
b) Describes three elements to my post
c) Isn't the title interesting, I mean does it not catch your inner spark?

But that's not all, the human trinity is just to simplify one simple thing:

I am not joking, and if you find twerking funny than this will be no less than that.

And the master opens his notes and teaches the lesson for today (I despise lectures, keep up with me).

The human trinity means three things that compose the human as we know today. Now this may seem exaggerated, but then that proves you are ignorant of your surroundings. Yet I always follow the truth, so here lies the book of trinity:

  • Numero un: Ego. This is a big NO-NO in Lyfé's house, and mostly because I have dealt with ego for a long time (another philoso on this to come). Ego is the worst thing you can feel and see in your life. Trust me, ego is more painful than anything on the planet; simply because ego removes the spiritual being you once had and had to find, but could not.
  • Numero deux: Competitiveness. This is something I am always against, because no matter how good-hearted a person is, competitiveness makes them a bloody demon after sometime. THIS IS THE COLD, HARD TRUTH. My surroundings are full of competitiveness and the people are broken, blinded with piercing hunger, and see nothing but a trophy that is supposedly "better than sharing your meal." Somebody please tell me that this can make you out of your mind.
  • Numero trois: No common sense. I know that ~Emphasizing Common Sense~ is my slogan, but that is only because the world does not have a lot of sense. Day by day, I am deepened with sadness to hear mass killings or something so tragic that could be avoided. HELLO WORLD, USE COMMON SENSE FOR GOD SAKE. People in middle eastern countries, you hear on most occasions, deal with how people are being slaughtered on the basis of religion. Uhhh...hello use your common sense, you cannot hide your sins on the basis of religion that's just stupidity. The next thing you hear, is about someone who murdered their infant daughter because he/she could not afford to feed or give shelter. WAKE-UP! Go to a shelter or orphanage, there's no need to be insane.

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