Nelson Mandela

I know I am kind of late for this...forgive me readers but a lot has been going on outside of my wonderful writing "winter" wonderland.

But you know me, a person full of ethics and values and an inspiration for making the universe a better spirit. How could I not mention Nelson Mandela? So unlikely of me, haha :)

Well, I say that Mandela deserves to be recognized as the noble man we all know very well.

Two strong concepts: 1948 and Apartheid.

Who could have thought to conquer apartheid at that time? One person, one strength, one man, one true human being: Nelson Mandela.

He may have been in prison for about thirty years, but he got those thirty years back and lived a full life of 95 years.

When I see him in the media, I view a humble man who worked tremendously hard to create a better situation.

And to think, he did not drive the Dutch out of the country.
Instead he made everyone the same under one rule and one just.
THINK about it, is it easy to ever do that in a world of tyranny and one culture being better than another?

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