Philoso #13: Competitveness ***MUST READ***

I am strictly against this one stupid ideal aspect of every culture...

"I'm very competitive."
"And what's a feeling that results from being competitive?"
"How does competitiveness result in jealousy?"
"When you have a competitive mindset, you tend to view the world in terms of winners and losers. So you resent other people getting recognition, because you somehow believe that less recognition is available to you. I'm learning that this is a false mindset. There's not a fixed amount of success and recognition in the world. So another person's accomplishments don't diminish the accomplishments available to you."


This is one of the best examples of competitiveness I have ever seen. And simply I can say that this example mostly explains what I am going to cover...
-Numero Un: Competitiveness gives you a terrible mindset, a mindset where you are blinded
-Numero Deux: You are never wise as a competitive person, because if YOU DO NOT APPRECIATE SOMEONE ELSE'S SUCCESS YOU ARE INHUMANE! BE A GENTLEMAN FOR GOD SAKE.
-Numero Trois: Appreciating someone else's success is considered a good deed, after all we know nobody is perfect, and everybody has their ups and downs. 
-Numero Quatre: Appreciate the ups! (there are less of them in the world)
-Numero Cinq: And finally, always remember to have an enormous ego (sarcasm). Uh-Uh not allowed in Lyfé's house. Competitiveness will always and ALWAYS lead to ego.
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