Philoso #12: Ambiguity

Ambiguity= most powerful thing in the world.
It is what makes us imagine, create, and empower so many ideas and possibilities.
Ambiguity is the same as saying "Hey! Why not take a risk?"
You know why?
Because ambiguity relates to never knowing the real and ultimate answer.
 Ambiguity is what thrives our mind to understand the what, what, what. Not, "I can infer from that" kind of mojo.
Ambiguity makes you enjoy life and just notice deeply.
Think about it, if you kept finding the only answer, would you ever calm down or be in peace?
Take a look at this. You would normally ask, how does it form? Why is it there? But no, ambiguity has to leave you starstruck and make you say "wow....what a sight".
Ambiguity is not an answer or finite concept. Ambiguity sparks your soul to just calm down and notice the beauty of nature.
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