Festival of Lights!

Ahhhh... the festival of lights. I wait every year for this particular holiday, as some of you may be familiar with this festival and some may not. Well whoever you are, this is one festival you will be pleased to know about. Diwali is a memorable festival celebrated by all Indian families across the world. This festival remarks the triumph of good over evil, with a beautiful tale of a god, a goddess, and their friends. On this day, colorful Rangolis or paintings on the ground are made to celebrate joy and fireworks represent an important and fun part to the day. I lit some fireworks and lets just say, IT WAS AWESOME. They freak you out so crazy, yet the light and sparks are just like a phenomenon. If you have never experienced this occasion, I would say grab a few friends and celebrate because it is worthwhile.  Go look up on this festival, I am sure you will find the story very unique.

*I am not a Hindu, yet I respect and enjoy all festivities.

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