Dalai Lama Post #2

I step into this world for the first time. I take a look around me and witness all foul, all joy, and all that are combined together. What can I say, besides that I am a normal ecstasy. My mind tells me I am good, my body says I am shunned, and my heart says all of the above. But what is this in reality? THAT WE ARE ALL THE SAME, THERE IS NO ONE BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Haven't you heard this already? NO you have not. Because who understands compassion and concern? Even in any time period, whether it is today or 500 years in the past, no one understands. You may be in dismay right now, but it is true. Think of it: if there is compassion and concern, then why has not war and enmity reduced to a minimum if not ended? Why are there terrorists instead of a international group that completely evolves mankind into a respectful serenity? Why are people afraid of educating people, for example the Middle East and their idea of caging the women behind? Because Dalai Lama is absolutely right, if there is compassion than there would be no such thing as anger, hatred, and jealousy. This world is very corrupt, and everyday my eyes never comprehend why people ignore simplicity and appreciate nonsense. 
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