Philoso #11: Obstacles

Lying (in)

What do you think of this acronym? #Cleverness, haha. Well this is true, because obstacles are the miracles of life. Obstacles are no where near related to mistakes or sins, which surprisingly confuse a lot of people. Mankind also thinks that there are ways of dealing obstacles.....well, sorry to say but mankind is wrong. Obstacles have no input solution, instead, obstacles have an output solution;which no one can understand until and unless there is success at the end of an obstacle. 
  • OBS or Operating Beautiful Situations is set on because if you look on the positive side, obstacles are complex and well thought out, making them look metaphorically beautiful. 
  • TAC short for Taming Abnormal Circumstances imply that the obstacles will calm your surroundings down and you do not need to worry so much.
  • LES is in short for Lying (in) Everlasting Signs communicating that obstacles are always signs of life and you will always learn from them, bottom line.
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