Soul Touching.

I was searching through my friend's playlist and was inspired to share this. For once, I would like for people forget about knowing the language, but close their eyes and listen to this song. It is in Hindi, and although I am not quite familiar with the language, that did not stop me from listening to this phenomena. I SWEAR, IF YOU WANT TO FEEL REJUVENATED, THIS IS THE SONG FOR YOU! I almost cried listening to this while closing my eyes, because it feels as if heaven is right in your hands. 

Take my advice, and listen to it. But remember, close your eyes!

****I wish one day the composer, A.R Rahman, could see this post; yet I always know he will be connected to anyone who understands his magic :)****
Soul Touching. Reviewed by Lyfé on 10:01:00 PM Rating: 5

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