Philoso #8: Unattached

Your name and individuality has no meaning at one point. Guess what that point in time is? Did you guess it? Well, if not, then let it be explained.

Two adults met and married each other.

After sometime they were blessed with a baby boy.

His parents decided that the baby boy would be named John.

Throughout his life he was always named by John. 

When he went to school, met his friends, and simply when he worked in the materialistic world.

John worked hard and impressed many people, but sometimes, he failed to understand that some people were not worth to impress. 

One day, he found a beautiful wife. 

John settled down and had a family, with him, his wife, and two daughters.

As he grew older, he failed even more to understand that his optimistic personality was fine the way it was. 

At the same time, John lost his touch with spirituality.  

John had many hardships in his life, including with his career and health.

Then, the sorrowful day came when he was no more.

That day, as he was buried, the priest and all of his family came together.

The priest commenced, "Lay the body down". 

One person in the crowd asked, "Why the 'body', sir? His name is John".

The priest said, "After death, the body is just a body on the earth,  not a soul. He was John, but after death your name and individuality is no more attached to a physical appearance". 

Therefore, whenever someone says your name, believe it is special; because after death, you are just a body. Also, do not run after people and impress them. What happens if they do not appreciate you? Therefore only impress the creator, after all he appreciates everyone and decides where you are going after life on earth, right?


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