Philoso #7: Never Assume

Yes, the old man and his wise wisdom.
Or the young blogger with a philoso knack.

Well here is another philoso check-in for this week. And though I am not sure who understands the

philosos, I must say this one is extremely important. The odds of people not assuming something is

one in a million (which is a lot, of course). But, Assuming is a big NO NO in the materialistic world 

 we live in today, because as you may not know, assuming can put you in deeeeep trouble. 

And when I mean deeeeep trouble emphasized, you should not underestimate that.

Assuming can break relationships in the family and socially, because from assuming you can 

collaborate suspicion and jumping into conclusions.

Unfortunately, assuming is a very big problem with our minds wandering off and on and rethinking 


Assuming means to guess a fact or situation whole-hardheartedly; and, live with that mindset until 

someone else disrupts the pleasure of the other person knowing something who is not being realistic.

And how do you think I got this philoso topic? Well, the odds are always in my favor!

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