Philoso #10: Mistakes (Read this carefully)

Yay! The tenth philoso I have written so far. Let's see how far we get with this. I may have not explained this before, but I write these philoso's to prove certain things with their meaning and remove ambiguity. Plus, these philoso's are great life advice, so share these as much as possible :) 

I'll admit, LEARN TO LOVE MISTAKES. It is true, mistakes are never a negative thing, although mankind as already accepted it that way. Which I find very odd and quite common, with a pinch of narrow mindedness (as usual). Sure, mistakes make us feel bad and lower our self esteem, but mistakes actually to do the OPPOSITE. Mistakes should make you feel good and increase your confidence; because mistakes prove that nobody is perfect at all. Look into it, you got a question wrong on a test #Ohmeegodtheworldhasended (sarcasm). But this is a reward, a chance to prove you remember your mistakes and improve or get a second chance. 
REMEMBER, IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, YOU WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!!!!! (think of it as a helpful scar, hey beauty works its ways)
Mistakes are the way of life, and without it, everything is its own tyranny.

I know these tips may not be convincing to everyone, but I guarantee, work the magic of life with this.

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