Something Serious, and Science Always Prevails.

Here we go again, on another latest current event.

What we may consider the image of something useful or dangerous, can be outsmarted in ways that we become speechless.

For those who are uncomfortable with such topics, they tend to leave or deny the facts.

But, we know that science continues to reach out to strange adventures that we never intend to seek.

And one of those topics is marijuana.

CNN inspires the entire world, and not only that but many journalists as well.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and a CNN journalist, and is one of the most inspirational celebrities in the world.

He cannot deny the fact that he has had marijuana to understand how the substance can be abused and its level of benefit. 

Turns out, he apologized for misleading the nation on this debatable medical issue. At first, I was like: what are you apologizing for? Marijuana is dangerous and it has been proven that people have abused the substance and died from an overdose. 

Instead, Dr. Gupta refers marijuana as something beneficial and not something so easily abused. In his personal experience, Dr. Gupta felt anxious and nervous, but also understood that marijuana actually works for certain patients and diseases.

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