Philoso #3: Destruction of One Important Thing...

I could not just cross by this situation. My inner glitch tells me to scream out loud, and at the same time remain poise. What happened today remarked by perseverance, and most importantly gave me a hint to a big part of life. Yes, I already talked about arrogance; but people do not realize how disgusting this egotistic path of life can be.
Never in my life have I ever seen a more arrogant and egoistic person before. No change? Is there no limit? I thought so when I tried to place myself in someone's shoes, and unlike before, the perspective I molded into my own hurt just more than my mind, but my soul.

And we begin, PHILOSO #3: Destruction of One Important Thing...

I felt today as if arrogance was trying to capture me in its clutches. And I tried and tried to escape - in the end I was successful. I kept telling myself to crush the horrible feeling inside of me and remember that you were once weak and there is no need to bring the weakness back.

This point in time made me realize how to actually compliment one's abilities with direct statement and positivity.

That's why I call PHILOSO #3, Destruction of One Important Thing...
The important thing is arrogance, and it should be destroyed.

Have you seen an arrogant person? Word of advice: the next time you meet him/her, cover your eyes. Because an arrogant person will present you with an image that will scar you for life.

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