An Incident and a Small, yet Funny Philoso #6

This story is something that took place a couple of weeks ago. I went to Six Flags with one of my relatives for the last summer program trip, and honestly this trip changed my whole view on amusement parks. To be honest, I am not really the type of person to go on big rides like roller coasters; yet I still had the courage to get my relative and I to go on our very first roller coaster. 

Philoso #6 : And word to the wise, never underestimate anything, because it can put you in deep trouble. Plus, always secure your belongings (I learned that the hard way). 

So went to see an otter show which was really nice, it was for like ten minutes and we got to take pictures of the smallest otters in the world. Then we went on the first ride: a childish yet "thrilling" ride that looked like a boat was going out of control. Afterwards, I pushed my relative to El Toro; and out of fright, my relative yanked me out of the line and took me to another roller coaster. Now, I do not remember the name very well, but all I say is that the name ACTUALLY MEANT SOMETHING. What the heck was I thinking, I literally took the name of the roller coaster for granted! And the funniest part was that I, in the first place, I was the one to assure my relative that the roller coaster is like a fun sort of childish ride. The good part was that at the end of the ride, my relative loved it because of the thrill. Whereas I, literally yelled at her, and you know why? Well, during the ride I LOST MY GLASSES! Now that I think about it, I may have also lost 2% of one of my organs (that ride was so fast, that I felt like I was being shaken a billion times). I was so thankful that we did not go on El Toro, because after looking at it, the ride seemed too much of a death hazard. It is a good thing that my relative's eyes were closed for the whole ride whereas mine were open. 

Long story short, listen to Philoso #6.

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