What happens when you educate a girl.....

It is sad to hear what the public thinks of females which makes most of the current events I hear outrageous. Yet, the uncertainty changes the minds of those who can relate, and most importantly support the right way of life. I salute the girl I read about on CNN, as it takes real courage to improve your life from one level to another (respectively). And this girl is accepted to a really great college, in which she wants to study psychology and help the people around her to get up on their feet and stand tall in this world. Sure the world may pity others, but the one who can make a difference is above and beyond...

Source from: "http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/06/world/asia/from-brothel-to-college/index.html?hpt=wo_t5"

***This opinion is written with honesty and respect, please consider only as an appreciation and inspiration.*** 
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