The Overweight Process

So I read the a post by CNN and the Huffington Post, and the United States is in competition for obese percentage. Right now they claim that Mexico is number one in obesity, and United States is number two. Sweden actually has the least obesity rate, relating to the fact that they eat everything but in moderation. Here are some points why the United States has a high obesity rate...
  • Over consuming junk food
  • Always in favor of restaurant food
  • Not consuming spices necessary to health
And most of all, nobody believes in cooking home food. Nonetheless, everybody thinks that they have no time to cook or can not cook. Well that is not true, because everyone can cook and they just need to TRY. But I am sorry, everybody thinks that nothing is impossible (sarcasm). If anybody can live their life, then this is the first step.
  • If you cook home food, you will least likely suffer obesity and other diseases.
  • And trust me, no diet in the world works... it is a FACT
  • The only so-called diet that works is to eat anything you would like, but in MODERATION
  •  This the key to success
Now people may be wondering how do I do that? Well, lets just say that I find mostly in the United States, (respectively) everybody wants luxury. Yet no one realizes that you always have to work hard in life and there is no exception. The more you work hard the better. Anyways back to the point...
No matter how hard or how much you work, that should not exclude your health and its benefits. Processed food is absolutely unhealthy, including frozen vegetables and fruits.

What do you think about this?
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