The Coup Violence....Regarded to Something Else?

I recently read that the there has been a coup violence in Cairo, Egypt. And all the violence is from the supporters of President Mohammed Morsy (who was deposed). Yet since this event is absolute chaos and in support of someone, sometimes people are just crazy. And not for being supportive or not in Egypt, but in regard to something so random and senseless. I recently read a post by President Barack Obama and looked at most of the comments, and despite of having freedom of speech I found that it is wrong to regard something entirely different to Mr.President. I do not know why people attack at the fact of Mr.President's race or religion. AND WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SAYING THAT MR.PRESIDENT IS PART OF THE COUP??!?!?!? I mean Mr. President has no fault and moreover has nothing to do with this event (and someone would have to write a senseless comment regarding his presidency on the Fourth of July; I mean seriously?). Shame on all of those people!
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