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So I was thinking that I have not posted about science, which is one of my favorite subjects.
Therefore I will start here... 
Hubble. The first word I think about when I hear about amazing discoveries in Space. Could you tell what Hubble has not done so amazing? If you have ever read logic, then the negated variable would think of ~(~p) or the positive answer, yes. 
Hubble with NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) discovered an amazing piece OUTSIDE our solar system. 
An azure or blue colored planet that is just above and beyond (haha science irony...)
Nonetheless, this is the first time that NASA and ESA could have identified a planet outside of our solar system. 
Interesting fact: the planet rains glass! 
That is so unbelievable, I mean who could have ever thought that there is a planet that rains glass?!?!

This illustration shows a deep azure planet that astronomers found orbiting a star 63 light years away.
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  1. Thanks for this amazing post,I really was motivated to pursue my interests towards space exploration and discovery.Thank you again ,Great job!


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