Philoso #2 Race and Religion

In my daily life, inspiration is something I never purposely look forward to. Yet in some way, the odds are always in my favor and the best way to share is by inspiring others.
The Zimmerman trial has been going on for sometime, and what inspired me was the topic of race.
Now, in my opinion that is a very vast and debatable topic; and people fail to realize one important fact, that there is no need to discriminate anyone. One reason to understand why, is on the basis of religion.
Sure, this may be off topic but I find it is practical to relate to. We have many religions and more over many gods and goddesses. Yet, it is still true and many people may not know that technically God is one. WE HUMANS have created religion and have separated everyone, when particularly there was no need. And the narrow mindedness today continues to be in the threshold of one religion being better than the other.
Same goes for race, in which one color or someone different in their background is discriminated.
 ---Does not the bible recommend that everyone is a child of god? Then how come some orthodox Christians and/or Catholics are on the verge of changing someone's religion to their own kind whenever they meet someone different?!?!? Is it not insane?
In the same retrospect, 
---The Britishers are notoriously known for invading India based on Indians being brown and savages. The Britishers likely thought that just because they are white, they are the supreme and nobody else has the right to speak against them (AKA arrogance). 
How is that so? I mean both examples make no sense whatsoever.
We are all from God and that means all of mankind is equal, and there is no human as supreme as God or the omniscient.
No matter how deeply religious you are or not, it makes sense in a way to explain how all of this chaos is wrong.

For any of my posts,  if there is any constructive advice or recommendations please respectively feel free to comment and I will take into consideration.
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